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"Being able to talk about the issues I was dealing with at the time with a counsellor was new and unfamiliar to me, but I am so glad that I did. Sarah creates a friendly and non judgemental environment where you can safely talk without the pressure that you maybe burdening her. It was a really positive and empowering experience."


"I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ again for the help you have given me over the last few weeks! When i came home yesterday and said to Dan ‘that was my last session, do you think it has helped?’ he replied with an emphatic ‘YES’ and I agree. So thanks again."


'Thank you kindly for all you have done for me Sarah.

I feel I'm walking on a better path since meeting you.

I found our sessions very helpful when trying to sort out my relationship difficulties and I would like to have the option to speak with you at some point in the future if things come up. In the meantime, take care Sarah and thank you very much once again.'


"Sarah helped me immensely when I was off work with stress and 'burn-out'. She was a calm and attentive listener who made me feel safe. The gentle and quiet ambience enabled me to talk through my fears, worries and at times anger, knowing that I would not be judged. Through her counselling I was able to re-build my confidence in myself and I am now about to start a new job."


"I contacted Sarah when I was struggling with anxiety issues and I was beginning to doubt myself as being a 'normal' person. During my time with Sarah, we explored my anxiety but I found that, in fact, we ventured down many paths and explored other parts of my life and the emotions attached. I found counselling difficult at first but Sarah helped to ease this just by listening and being non judgmental. Sarah gave me the time and space when I struggled to talk. I have certainly learnt a lot about myself through counselling and the different emotions that we can all feel at certain points in our lives. I shall miss the beach hut and the porcelain sea horses that my eyes were always drawn too during my walks up and down outside!"


'I have been seeing Sarah almost every week for over 2 years and have found her approach and our times together incredibly helpful and reassuring. It feels as though we have really worked together on this and as a result I have felt a huge shift in my personal resilience, confidence and perspective amongst other things. I would highly recommend Sarah.'


'Sarah is an incredibly warm and insightful therapist who has steered me through an 18 month period of painful but worthwhile exploration of my abusive childhood. I now feel more resourced, resilient and insightful and will forever be indebted to her.....

So thanks again.'


"Talking to Sarah has been really helpful and strengthening for me. I've moved my life on and feel much happier, in no small way because of Sarah's warmth and guidance, helping me to talk about things I can't with anyone else. I also really appreciated the extra effort that Sarah went to in order for counselling to be accessible for me in the first place.

Thank you."


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