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“I found Sarah’s 1:1 session’s really helpful as I now know I am not alone and it was really good to be listened to. I didn’t feel at all judged like I have done from every other professional I have come into contact with”


“I had 1:1 therapeutic parenting sessions session’s with Sarah and then attended the 6 week groupwork programme. Just being able to be heard and understanding more about managing behaviour has been really good. I think Sarah is very knowledgeable and is a really good listener. It has really helped me put everything in my head a lot better”


“Sarah’s approach is very gentle and informative – I felt completely supported and guided. Not only do I feel my voice has been heard but I know feel like I’ve learnt lots of new methods to support my children and tools to navigate my future with –

thank you so much”


“My 2 sons were 6 and 9 when their father was finally arrested and convicted for his behaviour towards us. It was a very difficult and traumatic time for us and I was referred to Sarah through Clear. We met weekly for 3 months as I wasn’t coping with the situation and couldn’t see a way forward. Sarah was very understanding and easy to talk to which was very important for me. She is a fantastic listener and gives very positive guidance. She helped me get my confidence back and be a stronger person. My elder son was also really struggling and finding it impossible to talk about what had happened and how he was feeling. Thankfully we were able to have joint sessions and we all met weekly for 6 months. We both benefited enormously from these meetings and as a family we will always be indebted to her”



“I felt that Sarah was very easy to talk to and she never pitied me which I feared she would. Talking with her enabled me to much better understand and empathise with my 11 year old daughter. Our relationship has greatly improved as a result of our sessions together – I just wish we had been able to have more”


“I really valued the 1:1 sessions with Sarah and the group sessions afterwards really consolidated what we had talked about together. Sarah and Maria really know what they are talking about and helped us understand how trauma affects children in an easy and straightforward way. They are very down to earth and supportive.

Thank you”


" I had 1:1 sessions with Sarah and then we had some together with my son. Having someone impartial to talk to was really good and I found the explanations of why Noah behaves in the way that he does very helpful. Our relationship improved for the better and his aggressive behaviours started to lesson - I found the support invaluable and a great help for me and my children"


Sarah knows her subject very well and explains things in an easy to understand way. I was lucky enough to have 1:1 sessions with her and to then go onto the parenting group. I have done a lot of other parenting courses but this is the only one that focuses on children that have been traumatised and the difference that this makes. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Thankyou very much Sarah.


“The best thing about my sessions with my Mum was that she really got to listen to me and she started to parent differently. It brought me and her closer and also helped the relationship with my sister. Sarah helped me get things off my chest - particularly things from the past that were really bothering me. It was so nice to speak to someone with Mum there and make links between what had happened to me and how I was feeling now. I became much better at recognising my emotions and what triggers them. The hot chocolate and biscuits were great too”


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